GuitarToolkit for the iPhone launches!

July 10th, 2008 by John Berry

GuitarToolkit logoWe’re happy to announce GuitarToolkit, an application with essential guitar utilities for your iPhone. Available with iPhone OS 2.0, GuitarToolkit has the following features:

  • Chromatic Tuner Using the iPhone’s microphone, the tuner has 3 modes of operation: all notes, standard guitar tuning and alternate guitar tuning (with 40+ alternate tunings pre-defined)
  • Chord Finder Over 260 chords for quick and easy reference
  • Metronome Variable tempo and adjustable time signature
  • Reference Tones For tuning by ear

Available at the iTunes App Store for just $9.99. You can watch the screencast and learn more at

Chromatic tunerChord finderMetronomeReference tones