AmpKit & AmpKit LiNK Generating Tremendous Excitement Around the World

August 26th, 2010 by John Liu

AmpKit IconJust a couple days after launch, the AmpKit apps and AmpKit LiNK are already generating tremendous excitement among guitar players and reviewers around the world. Word-of-mouth communication and published reviews have already helped propel AmpKit and AmpKit+ to be among the most downloaded and Top Grossing Music apps in the App Store, and orders for AmpKit LiNK are flowing into Peavey authorized dealers worldwide.

Leading music and technology sites have published strong reviews of AmpKit and AmpKit+. Ars Technica, a leader in “original news and reviews, analysis of technology trends, and expert advice,” posted an in-depth comparative analysis (“App Store showdown“) of AmpKit and another app. Ars Technica concluded that AmpKit is “the winner in our book” stating that “Agile put in some serious time and effort to make an awesome product” while the competitor “more or less slapped its offering together with existing technology.”  The analysis and review by Jeff Smykil ended with the statement, “Agile Partner’s better hardware, beautiful graphics, abundance of effects, and the ability to use more than three effects simultaneously makes that application a winner in our book.”

Brett Terpstra at the influential TUAW exclaimed, “It sounds awesome! … I’ve been having a blast.”  Other writers have also commented on AmpKit’s amazing sounds. For example, Jay Donovan at CrunchGear wrote, “AmpKit’s guitar tones are great! From crushing distortion to kooky tremolo, there are many tones to choose from.”

AmpKit Gear StackAmpKit’s overall user experience has also received high marks from reviewers. Damian Erskine at Bass Musician Magazine commented, “All in all, I loved this thing.  It’s VERY intuitive to use, sounds great and just simply works like you’d hope it would,” and Travis Ehrlich at wrote, “Agile Partners applications are always polished quality apps … AmpKit might just raise the bar even higher.”

A user review that particularly caught our attention was posted by a customer in the Germany App Store. Customer “Lennys Apple” wrote a detailed, five-star review in German and appended a full translation of the review in English! In English (and I believe in German), Lenny Apple expresses his delight that AmpKit enables users to record their jam sessions and email them to friends. We’re incredibly grateful for this level of interest and support from customers like Lennys Apple around the world!

Over on Twitter, there have been countless tweets from customers enjoying the AmpKit apps, including: “AmpKit looks amazing” (@buymeasoda); “Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh” (@eatpixels); and “Dude. Crazy awesome” (@fraserspeirs). And on the AmpKit Facebook page, a fan wrote, “Just so slick-looking guys! Should I have expected anything less from the creators of the amazing GuitarToolkit?!”

AmpKit and AmpKit LiNKAmpKit LiNK, the high fidelity electric guitar connector and perfect companion to AmpKit, has also received outstanding reviews.  A particularly sophisticated and detailed review was written by YK at in Singapore. Noting that AmpKit LiNK is a powered device, YK articulately describes the achilles heel (i.e., heightened cross-talk between input and output signals) of non-powered guitar interfaces: “… once you use an effects simulator and crank up the gain on this small crosstalk signal, it gets blown into epic proportions and you will get an uncontrollable amount of (deafening) feedback.”  YK concludes, “This makes the AmpKit LiNK a technically superior device” and it’s why we’re proud that our customers can fully enjoy AmpKit’s high gain amps like the Peavey 6505+, Taos Rectifier, American Rebel and others.

We want to thank all the writers who have reviewed AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK in the first two days of its launch, and a very special thanks to our customers around the world for providing us with their comments and feedback.  Please keep it coming — we’re dedicated to continuously improving all of our products and keeping our customers happy!