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AmpKit, GarageBand, and Audiobus

We're excited to tell you about a new way to use AmpKit and GarageBand together, thanks to the new Audiobus app. Audiobus allows you to mix and match audio sources, in real time, between apps directly on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Since the newest releases of both AmpKit and GarageBand are Audiobus-compatible, it is now possible to bring AmpKit's great guitar amp & effects tone directly into GarageBand, live!

By combining the scores of amplifiers, speaker cabinets and effect pedals available in AmpKit with the versatility of the Audiobus platform, it's possible to create studio-quality multi-track recordings which combine guitars and other audio tracks with a range of digital instruments, all on an iOS device. Here's an example song that combines a range of AmpKit guitar tracks, both clean and distorted, with Apple's GarageBand software to create a complete mix.

Constructing a track with AmpKit, Audiobus and GarageBand

To create this track, we begin with a simple drum beat which has been imported into an audio track in GarageBand.


AmpKit and GarageBand are then hooked together via the Audiobus application, which allows inter-application audio routing and recording. Open Audiobus, and you'll see how you can select different apps for each stage in audio chain.


Returning to AmpKit, we can see the Audiobus control panel on the right side of the screen. This panel allows us to remotely begin recording in GarageBand without needing to leave AmpKit, meaning we can tweak our Setup, get things just right, then hit record and go!

Audiobus Panel in AmpKit

The number of options for recording are near limitless, and in this example we recorded five guitar tracks with a range of AmpKit Setups, both clean and distorted in nature, including double-tracked rhythm guitar and an improvised lead. We also recorded two additional 'thickening' guitar tracks to add depth to the piece, which were processed via the Nils application for light bit-crushing effects. We also added bass guitar via GarageBand's own Smart Bass instrument and the Liverpool preset, as well as some cinematic violin and cello stings courtesy of the Smart Strings instrument.


Pairing AmpKit with the increasing range of Audiobus-enabled apps is a fantastic way to record studio-quality tracks, experiment with weird and wacky synthesizers and sound machines, and invent brand new audio experiences. Don't forget to share your best experiments with us on SoundCloud, Facebook, or Twitter.

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