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AmpKit for iPad

Rock Your World

AmpKit transforms your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a powerful guitar amp and effects studio! Just attach your electric guitar or bass using an interface like Peavey AmpKit LiNK HD and rock out!

AmpKit is by far the most intuitive, easy-to-use app of its kind, for beginner and expert alike. And AmpKit's two-stage amp modeling, convolution-based cabs and positional mics deliver the ultimate in realistic tone on both clean and high-gain setups. Finally, AmpKit offers the broadest range of available gear via its in-app Gear Store—a total of 114 available amp channels, cabinets, pedals and mics. No other app can match the ease of use, tone quality or gear selection that you'll find in AmpKit.

Two Ways to Play

You can start with either the free AmpKit app, or the paid AmpKit+; both apps run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, so you never need to pay twice for the app or additional gear.

  • The free AmpKit app comes with a Peavey ValveKing amp (clean and very-high-gain lead channels), two ValveKing cabinets (4x12 and 1x12), two pedals (Noise Gate, Elevenizer overdrive pedal), two mics (Workhorse 57 dynamic mic, Germann 87 condenser mic), and a built-in Noise & Feedback Filter.
  • The paid AmpKit+ app includes everything in the free version PLUS the following additional gear, bundled at less than half normal price: Peavey 3120 amp with clean, rhythm, and ultra-high-gain lead channels and matching 4x12 cabinet; Colonel Vintage amp paired with matching 4x10 and 1x12 cabinets; Vintage Brit amp with matching 2x12 cabinet; and distortion, fuzz, compressor, chorus, phaser, flanger, reverb, and 10-band EQ pedals!

Both AmpKit and AmpKit+ have access to all the same great gear via the in-app Gear Store, which lets you browse and buy an amazing selection: a total of 50 amp channels in 29 separate amps, 30 pedals, 26 cabinets and 8 mics. The Gear Store also offers discounted bundles to help you expand your gear library economically.

Let's Hear Some

Key Features

  • All AmpKit gear is precision-modeled based on actual circuit diagrams of highly-sought-after, real-world products
  • Thunderously accurate high gain amps and effects, no other app comes close for hard rock and metal tone
  • Enjoy total effects freedom: add up 32 pedals per setup on newer iOS devices, place pedals anywhere in the effects chain, and even repeat the same pedal several times such as multiple delays or phasers
  • Mix and match amps, cabinets and mics for virtually unlimited tone permutations
  • Background Audio: AmpKit can run in the background, great for using with other guitar apps like GuitarToolkit and TabToolkit
  • Sophisticated recording capabilities with mixing and non-destructive re-amping; easily share your recordings via Copy-Paste, SoundCloud and email
  • A massive collection of presets: 156 in total, with easy setup sharing via email
  • World-class bass amplification: official, feature-rich Trace Elliot and Ashdown® models, plus additional models of Fender® and Ampeg® bass amps
  • Gorgeous look and feel with full Retina graphics, simple and fun to use with convenience features like Favorites, QuickJump, and Setup Locking
  • Jam along to your iTunes music library or upload your own backing tracks
  • Works with virtually all headset and dock guitar interfaces
  • Ultra-low latency, virtually undetectable
  • Tuner and Metronome featuring technology used in GuitarToolkit