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TabToolkit for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is a powerful tab and music notation viewer with multi-track audio playback. The app includes an audio synthesis engine that lets you listen to and control the audio for individual instrument tracks. TabToolkit makes learning how to play your favorite songs on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and other instruments easier and more fun.

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Tab & Standard Notation

Tablature files ("tabs") are a popular format for composing and transcribing music, especially for guitar players. TabToolkit supports Guitar Pro, Power Tab, PDF and text tab formats. With "rich" file formats (Guitar Pro and Power Tab), you can view both standard music notation and tablature notation. Take your tabs and sheet music with you wherever you go!

Multi-track Playback

That's right, Tabtoolkit has a built-in audio synthesis engine with simultaneous, multi-track playback. With audio control of individual tracks, you can mute the part you're learning while being guided by all the other instrument parts playing in the background. You'll feel like you're playing along with a band, making it easier and more enjoyable to learn music. Add a configurable metronome to the mix and you'll never be off beat.

Instrument Guides

With Guitar Pro and Power Tab files, you can also display a guitar fretboard, keyboard or drum kit to see finger placements and drum and cymbal hits in real time. It's a big help for learning new songs.

A/B Looping

A/B Looping repeats a section of a tab or standard notation over and over again. It's great for practicing a challenging part of a song you're trying to learn. Touch and slide A and B markers to the beginning and end of the section you want to repeat. Tap the play button and TabToolkit will repeatedly loop the section you designated.

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Upload & Download

If you've got tab files on your computer that you'd like to move into TabToolkit, no problem. Using your home wireless network, you can upload files directly to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Need to get a tab file from somewhere online? There's a built-in web browser with tab download capabilities.

Multi-Track Support

Power Tab and Guitar Pro files allow you to specify different tracks for different instruments. TabToolkit has full support for this feature, allowing you to learn the lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and keyboard if you'd like. There's also instrument remapping, enabling you to re-assign the midi instrument for any track.

Re-Orient Yourself

TabToolkit automatically adjusts its layout based on the orientation of your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. If you want, you can also lock the screen's orientation so that it won't auto-rotate.

Lefties Welcome!

Enabling lefty mode reverses the fretboard to reflect the layout of a left-handed instrument.

Way More Than Just Guitar

TabToolkit is a full-score sheet music player, and supports a full set of 128 MIDI Instruments. Great examples include: Guitar (Nylon String Guitar, Overdrive Guitar). Bass (Acoustic Bass, Slap Bass). Strings (Pizzacato Strings, Orchestral Harp). Ensemble (String Ensemble, Choir Ahh and Oohh). Brass (Trumpet, French Horn). Reed (Alto Sax, Oboe). Pipe (Piccolo, Blown Bottle). Piano (Acoustic Grand Piano, Harpsichord). Chromatic Percussion (Tubular Bells, Glockenspiel). Organ (Rock Organ, Church Organ). Ethnic (Sitar, Koto). Percussive. Synths. Sound Effects (Bird Tweet, Seashore).

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