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Introducing the Tab Store

If you're a guitar, bass, drum, or keyboard enthusiast, TabToolkit's new Tab Store gives you instant access to affordable, full-score versions of your favorite music, perfect for learning and jamming along.

The Full-score Advantage

When you buy most digital sheet music, you're simply getting a digitized version of the paper sheet music you might buy in your local music store. Usually you get shortened and simplified transcriptions of vocals and a few other instruments. The music notation is typically formatted into static pages that combine vocal and instrument tracks.

Tab Store songs, in contrast, are full-score transcriptions of actual recordings. Each instrument—guitar, bass, drum, keyboard, vocals—is fully and accurately transcribed into its own notation track. The notation is instrument-aware, so guitar tracks include notation for a wide range of effects like bends and slides, and vocal tracks include lyrics. TabToolkit delivers gorgeous notation rendering with butter-smooth scrolling, including full-resolution rendering on the new iPad's Retina display.

Tab Store graphics
Tab Store instrument tracks

This Music is Alive

Because they're full-score and are transcribed into dynamic music notation instead of static pages, Tab Store songs can come alive in ways that static sheet music cannot. Thanks to TabToolkit's high-fidelity multitrack audio synthesis engine, you can push the Play button while viewing a Tab Store song, and not only will the music notation scroll, but you'll actually hear high-fidelity audio playback. And this isn't just clumsy mp3 playback synchronized to static image scrolling, but rather true on-the-fly audio synthesis. You can adjust playback speed with no audio degradation, solo and mute instruments, adjust the relative volume levels of each track, select and loop a subset of the song, even select different audio samples for an instrument. Special effects such as guitar bends and slides are likewise accurately rendered and synched with the notation.

Because Tab Store songs are alive in this way, practicing and learning is a snap. You can select a section of the song you want to learn using A/B looping, slow things down, and solo the part you're working on. Then, when you're ready to practice, mute that instrument and enable audio for the backing instruments such as drums and bass—then play along. Bump the speed up as you get more comfortable. There's simply no better way to learn and practice.

Jamming is just as easy—start with a favorite song, pick a nice loop to jam with, mute the lead guitar and bring up the volume of the bass and drum tracks, and jam away using AmpKit! This is music like you've never experienced it before.

A Great and Growing Catalog

The Tab Store opens with hundreds of great songs from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Rush, Metallica, Paramore, Radiohead, and Van Halen. We'll be adding more new titles every week, and if your favorite song isn't currently in Tab Store, request it using the in-app form. Songs are affordably priced as in-app purchases for only $0.99 (US App Store price).

Tab Store albums
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