AmpKit Mac feature image

AmpKit: Now Rocking Your Mac

AmpKit, the amp & effects app downloaded by over 600,000 iPad and iPhone users worldwide, is now available for your Mac!

AmpKit on iMac
  • Simply connect your guitar to your Mac using a guitar interface (like AmpKit LiNK HD), and your Mac is transformed a powerful amp, effects and recording studio.
  • Includes all the great gear that AmpKit is famous for at no extra charge: a total of 50 amp channels in 29 separate amps, 30 pedals, 26 cabinets and 8 mics.
  • A true native OS X app, built specifically for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, with snappy 64-bit performance and a beautiful, immersive user experience.
  • Even better sounding on the Mac, with improved simulation fidelity to deliver superb tone for both clean and high-gain play.
  • Breakthrough price: just $49.99 on the Mac App Store (US).

Let's Hear Some


  • AmpKit for Mac - PedalsEffects include multiple overdrive, distortion, fuzz, compression and phaser pedals, plus clean boost, delay, reverb, acoustic simulation, wah, EQ, octaver, tremolo, vibrato, chorus, and flanger.
  • 137 presets to inspire you: from smooth cleans and earthy acoustics to bone-crushing high-gain metal.
  • Share setups with other Macs, iPhones and iPads. Add setups shared by others right from Mail, Finder, Safari, or AirDrop.
  • Drag-and-drop to add or rearrange gear, or use keyboard shortcuts, with undo / redo support.
  • Sophisticated recording capabilities, including non-destructive re-amping so you can change your tone after you record.
  • Jam along with backing tracks, tune using a high-precision tuner, keep time with a flexible metronome.
  • The perfect upgrade for GarageBand users looking for a dedicated guitar / bass amp and effects app.
  • Uses many of the newest features in OS X Lion and Mountain Lion: Multi-Touch gestures, Full Screen mode, Sharing via email or AirDrop, and gesture-enabled Quick Look.
  • Available in the Mac App Store for easy purchasing, installation and upgrades. No USB key, no complicated activation process.
  • NEW: Setlists deliver masterful control over your setups for playing live shows, practicing, or simply organizing groups of setups just the way you want them.
  • NEW: Use MIDI and AirTurn-style devices to control AmpKit amps and pedals, as well as navigate setups and Setlists—perfect for live gigs but also great for jamming and practicing.