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AmpKit: Setup Smackdown

Congratulations to our Setup Smackdown Winners!

Best High Gain Setup
Doug Miller, Toronto, Ohio

A unique effect chain that produces an amazing tone, Doug's "Classic Dirty DM" got our attention right away. The use of the Peavey Classic 30, along with overdrive, fuzz and delay reminded us of how creative AmpKit users are. Doug's entry was selected as the winner by the crew at Peavey Electronics, and he'll be receiving a Peavey AT-200 auto-tuning guitar.
Download "Classic Dirty DM"

Best Clean/Acoustic Setup
Charlie Thomas, Frisco, TX

Charlie's entry "Slap Happy" is a great combination of the Fargen Super Collider and multiple delays. This feel-good setup has a crisp high-end that accentuates steel-string play, and was selected as the grand prize winner by Ben Fargen himself. Charlie will be receiving a Sonic Edge Tumbleweed clean boost and compression pedal.
Download "Slap Happy"

Best Bass Setup
Nicola Daga, Padua, Italy

Nicola's entry "Come Together Over Bass" features the Ashdown ABM 900 with an optional Delay, Wah, and Octapuss. This rich setup gave our office floor a good rumble without sacrificing tonality. Nicola's setup was selected by the gang from Ashdown Engineering, and he will be receiving the Ashdown MiBass 220 compact bass amp head.
Download "Come Together Over Bass"

Honorable Mentions
After many days of reviewing and playing through all of our entries, we wish we could give out more prizes. Here are a few more setups that we thought were amazing. All honoroable mentions will recieve an official GuitarToolkit T-shirt.

Seho Park - Love Story (Fuzz) - High Gain
Kerry Myers - Journey to the 80's - High Gain
Ryan Borrett - Coustic Coaster - Clean/Acoustic
Robert Huff - Clean Tight Open - Clean/Acoustic
Aaron Benson - Cover your bAss Echologically - Bass
Nicola Daga - Nicola's Heaven of Bass - Bass