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AmpKit Mac includes all the great gear that AmpKit is famous for: 29 amps with 50 separate amp channels, 30 pedals, 26 cabinets and 8 mics. Below we've included tone samples for each AmpKit amp and pedal, as well as more details about each piece of gear. And don't forget that you can download the AmpKit Demo and try it for yourself.


Each amp in AmpKit is modeled after a great-sounding, real-world amp. If the real amp includes multiple channels (the Peavey 6505+, for example), you'll find the same channels modeled in AmpKit. Listen, look, enjoy!

Voltage Vt Reissue Talon Blues 5
The Voltage VT Reissue is modeled on the Ampeg® SVT®-VR, the classic "Blue Line" SVT bass head from the early 1970s. This flexible two-channel amp includes midrange EQing, as well as Ultra Hi and Ultra Low controls, and we added a master volume control so you can dial in the overdrive you want at any volume level. AmpKit's authentic reproduction delivers all the iconic bass tone you'd expect from this classic amp. The Talon Blues 5 is modeled on the Lab Series L5, one of the few solid-state amplifiers that guitarists love for its great tone. Richly endowed with a parametric midrange control, built-in compressor, and a unique multifilter which operates on six different frequency centers. Includes two distinctively-voiced 2x12 cabinets.
Colonel Jump 75 Taos C Plus
The Colonel Jump 75 is modeled on the 1975 Marshall® Master Model JMP 2203 100w Lead, an amp that pioneered a new era in rock and roll. It was the first Marshall to include master volume, with a cascaded preamp that enabled great saturated tone at any volume. AmpKit's Jump 75 is a faithful reproduction, with amazingly sweet, smooth high-gain tone. This amp defines classic rock and roll. The Taos C+ (modeled on the Mesa® Mark IIC+) has more tone-modifying switches than any other AmpKit amp. Wikipedia calls the Mark IIC+ "the most coveted vintage Boogie, selling for twice its original price on average, because of its much praised 'Liquid Lead' mode, and also, its warm, clean rhythm mode."
Voltage VT Classic Taos 50 Cal
Born at the end of the revolutionary 1960s, our Voltage VT Classic is modeled on the Ampeg® SVT®-CL and is a faithful and authentic recreation of this legendary bass amplifier. The unique five-way mid frequency control, coupled with useful ultra-hi and ultra-lo switches, opens up a huge range of equalization options, making this amp as versatile as it is powerful. Includes a matched 8x10 cabinet. Modeled on the Mesa® Studio .50 Caliber, the Taos .50 Cal offers both pristine clean tones and growling leads. Its immense versatility lends itself to rock, blues, country, metal, and more. Dial in the rhythm channel for funky smooth riffs and switch to lead for those wild solo sections. Further craft your tone with the .50 Cal’s presence knob and onboard spring reverb. Includes matched 1x10 cabinet.
Colonel Plexi 50 Peavey ValveKing
Modeled on the Marshall® JMP Lead 50W, our Colonel Plexi 50 is a true classic. An epic combination of classic tube overdrive, power and sustain, the Plexi is a rock and blues powerhouse. We've even reproduced its tonally-distinct I and II inputs, so you can get anything from crunchy rhythms to gut-wrenching leads. Paired with a matching 4x12 cab. The Peavey® ValveKing® is a real legend, equally at home with Southern country rock as with mind-melting metal. Along with spring reverb, the unique Texture control completely transforms the amplifier's output from classic Class A to a modern A/B push/pull response, allowing either of this model's channels (clean and lead) to kick back with the good old boys, or dominate a modern stage.
Peavey Classic 30 Peavey 3120
The Peavey® Classic 30® is a vintage amplifier with modern sensibilities. It features both clean and lead channels, each with a huge amount of versatility. Its built-in reverb control complements the soul of its sound perfectly, and this amp will see you through everything from blues and vintage rock to heavier gain tones with style. The Peavey® 3120 is a three-channel amplifier with clean, rhythm, and lead sounds. Each channel is further tweakable via a three-way damping switch which can provide an up-front and by-the-throat attack, or much more subtle and smooth tonality which doesn't sacrifice any of the clarity and personality Peavey® is famous for.
Peavey 6505+ Peavey 6534+
The Peavey® 6505+ is the result of forty years of innovation in amplifier design. Named to celebrate the company's fortieth birthday in 2005, this monster of an amp is used by metal and heavy rock guitarists the world over. It's no one trick pony though, as its deep resonance and diverse rhythm channel make it a sure thing for rock, blues, or even softer sounds. The Peavey® 6534+ is a unique new take on the classic 6505+, featuring EL34 tubes for a slightly more British sound, and superior noise reduction. The rhythm channel can create anything from pure clean simplicity to layered crunch, and the lead channel features some of the most punishing yet controlled distortion ever created. A truly diverse new take on a classic Peavey® amplifier.
Budda SuperDrive 30 Trace Elliot 1215
The Budda® SuperDrive 30 Series II, nicknamed the 'Dirty 30', certainly lives up to its reputation by providing a combination of sweet and aggressive tone with a huge amount of flexibility via the Drive channel. The Rhythm channel manages to sound both sparkling and subtle, offering a wide dynamic range and personality whether you play jazz, blues, country, or harder rock styles. With an array of unique controls, the Trace Elliot® 1215 is a fantastic modern-sounding bass amplifier with on-board EQ and dual-band compressor. Its preshape circuit brings out the classic Trace sound, whie the variable Valve control allows the amp to be dialed back, or pushed hard for a natural bass overdrive sound.
Fargen Olde 800 Fargen Hot Mod Baby Blues
One of the most versatile amps, the Fargen™ Olde 800™'s unique Decade Switch™ allows the amplifier to transform itself instantly into a boutique 60s, rocking 70s, or powerful 80s amp. With a faithful British sound, the Olde 800™ can open up a world of smooth clean tones, enhanced harmonic crunch, and high-gain arena rock. The Fargen™ Hot Mod™ Baby Blues™ started with a classic dirty blues amp, and through some of Ben Fargen's modification magic, the result is a captivating blend of smooth jazz and high-gain driving blues energy. With an added Presence control and a completely re-worked Drive circuit, the Baby Blues is breaking out of his crib.
Fargen Super Collider American Acoustic
Designed to blend the richest clean tones and the fattest sustaining lead tones possible from a dual-channel tube amplifier, the Fargen™ Super Collider™ is a whirlwind of on-stage energy. A simple and glossy clean channel makes a perfect pair with the vibrant lead channel, whose Bright switch is great for an extra boost in those crazy solos. The American Acoustic is a warm, versatile acoustic amplifier with sixteen in-built effects including reverb, delay, chorus and vibrato. Modeled on the Fender® Acoustasonic™, Junior DSP, the Feedback control allows acoustic guitar-specific noise reduction, and the Dynamics control allows you to filter harshness at high frequencies without adverse tonal effects.
Ashdown ABM 900 American Bass King
From UK bass amp specialists Ashdown, the Ashdown® ABM 900 EVO III was designed from the ground up to keep both the old-school and technologically-minded happy. With a killer preshape circuit, seven-band EQ, sub-harmonic boost, onboard valve overdrive, and a powerful compressor, this bass amp is a true master of all trades. Based on the Fender® Bassman® and twinned with a matching 4x10 cabinet, the multi-talented American Bass King sounds incredible whether you feed it a guitar or a bass. This amplifier will power those big rock chords, as well as blues chops and country licks, and try throwing a distortion or fuzz pedal its way to feel some rumble to be reckoned with.
American Rebel American Dual
The American Rebel (modeled on the Fender® Hot Rod Deluxe®) serves up a high-gain channel with enough gain, sustain, and overdrive to go around. Paired with its matching 1x12 cabinet, it packs a surprising punch for its smaller frame, but when paired with a large 4x12 cabinet, it really begins to snarl, offering a particular distortion you won't hear anywhere else. The American Dual is modeled on the Fender® Twin®, and offers one of the most sought-after clean guitar tones of all time. Sparkly, clear, and absolutely unique, it will comfortably find a home in rock, blues, country, metal, and more. Since it offers such a pure reproduction of your instrument's tone, it really lets the sound of your pedals shine through too.
Colonel Vintage Colonel 900
The Colonel Vintage (modeled on the Marshall® JTM45) is a real workhorse. A shiny high-end coupled with incredibly smooth sustain make this amp a perfect partner for emotional blues music. Paired with a 4x10 cabinet with a focus on the low-end, the amp's natural high-end creates a broad frequency response as a great building block to be augmented with gain or modulation pedals. A real British institution, the Colonel 900 Lead (modeled on the Marshall® JCM900) is a highly flexible lead channel with wide-ranging drive and presence controls that can craft anything from a subtle crunchy verse riff to a screaming lead solo which aims straight for the heart. Coupled with a unique and uncomplicated British clean channel, this is a groundbreaking amplifier.
Sultan Rack 88 London Century
Modeled on a Soldano® X88 pre-amp pushed through a Mesa Boogie® 20/20 power module, our Sultan Rack 88 offers three channels of tightness and precision, whether you're playing soft rock, or something much heavier and more aggressive. Simple three-band EQ controls, plus Volume and Drive, allow for complete control over each independent channel. In 1968, south-west London gave birth to the true British sound of rock music. Our London Century, modeled on the Hiwatt® Custom 100 (DR103), is the amp that defined the sonic signature of some of the biggest rock bands of all time. Its wide-reaching Drive control allows for both clean and distorted sounds on a no-frills single channel amplifier.
Uber Xtreme 101 Taos Rectifier
Modeled on the Bogner® Ecstasy 101B, the Uber Xtreme 101 offers Clean, Rhythm, and Lead channels. Start with the clean tone, which can shape from glassy precision to thick bass, then flick to Rhythm for a blend of both British and American crunch. The Lead channel, when pushed hard, provides enough gain to melt the faces of any audience. Our Taos Rectifier is an amp designed from the ground up for punishing distortion. Modeled on the infamous Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier®, this amp kicks up the kind of gain that no metal band should be without. Its sublime clean channel should also not be overlooked, its deep, dominating and smooth clean tones beg to be turned up louder and louder.
Vintage Brit
The Vintage Brit (modeled on the VOX® AC30) offers a classic tweed sound which has been a mainstay of everything from back-room blues to stadium rock since the 1960s. With a refined high-end character and tailored Top Cut control to tame the notorious bell-like high frequencies, this amp-of-all-trades is a worthy addition to any axeman's arsenal.


Most pedals in AmpKit are modeled after a great-sounding, real-world equipment. The exceptions are usually cases where we've combined several real-world pedals or circuits into a single virtual AmpKit pedal, such as the Tremo-LOL, which models tremolo circuitry that originated inside particular British and American guitar amps. Listen, look, enjoy!

Thrasher Pre Pedal ToneMime Bass pedal
The Thrasher PRE is modeled on the TC Electronic® Integrated Preamplifier, a discontinued and extremely hard-to-find clean boost and 2-band EQ that's a must-have when recreating 1990's thrash metal tone. Definitely the secret ingredient for amazing thrash metal fun. The ToneMime Bass is modeled on the Tech21® SansAmp® Bass Driver. It's like owning an entire roomful of bass amps: using this pedal alone (without amp or cabinet), you can easily dial in the tone of dozens of different amps! The ToneMime Bass pedal also works great as an overdrive pedal in conjunction with other AmpKit bass amp models. The ToneMime GT is modeled after the famed Tech 21® SansAmp® GT2, and is a unique modeling pedal offering amp, cabinet, and mic adjustments all in one little package. Create everything from classic tube tones to truly unique and physically improbable gear combinations. Get creative and expand your sonic capabilities with the ToneMime GT.
Modeled on the Maestro Ring Modulator, our Magic Modulator will twist, bend, and shoot your tone into outer space. Its ring modulation effect produces truly original sounds to stimulate your creativity and enhance your sonic palette. We've enabled tilt control of the Frequency parameter, so you can tweak your tone in amazing ways while playing live or reamping. The Rocktron® Metal Planet Distortion® offers a unique and wide-reaching mid-frequency sweep which can drastically alter the already highly-tweakable distortion tones available. Anything from a scooped nu-metal tone, through low-mids-heavy modern djent (perfect for seven- and eight-string guitars!), to balls-to-the-wall screaming rhythm and lead tones can be yours with minimal effort. The Rocktron® Cottonmouth Fuzz® is a highly tweakable transistor-based fuzz pedal which can create anything from soft peach-skin fuzz to all out serpentine fury! With full three-band EQ, Level and Bite controls to handle volume and drive, the Cottonmouth Fuzz also boasts three shaping controls to customize the tone in limitless ways: Spit, Strike, and Venom.
The Rocktron® Zombie Rectified Distortion® produces asymmetrical distortion that's designed to sound like a post-apolacalyptic outbreak: loud, thrilling, and monstrous. The asymmetry is controllable via the Stare knob, adjusting the offset within the distortion to bring the gain out of your cabinet. Tweak the Scream control to kick out more gain, and use Louder to control the level. The Rocktron® HUSH® is a noise reduction pedal with some major differences – it will effectively remove noise and hiss from your guitar or bass, won't sap sustain, and through Rocktron's Variable Integrated Release (V.I.R.) technology, it provides a smooth and transparent solution to unwanted instrument noise. For best results, set the Threshold just above the background noise of your instrument. The Sonic Edge Tumbleweed is a plain yellow box which houses a variety of wonderful dynamic options. With separate toggles for boost and compression, and three boost modes spanning classic British, California, and Jazz sounds, the simple casing houses intelligent compression and boosting with rich personality to help add passion and clarity, no matter your style.
Sonic Edge's new J&J Overdrive, from amp legend Ben Fargen, is a vintage analog overdrive pedal with the versatility to sit comfortably in anything from a 60s classic rock rig to a modern alternative rock setup. It plays nice with other pedals, and offers a purity of tone that's often missing from other gain effects. The Noise Gate (modeled on the BOSS® NS-2), will allow you to filter unwanted hum, feedback, or noise without causing unwanted change to your guitar's natural qualities. Adjust the Threshold control to set the level of noise needed before the gate kicks in, and adjust the Decay to control the rate at which the suppression occurs. The EQ Monster can pull a variety of faces to give you complete tonal shaping. Modeled on the MXR® M108®, this graphic equalizer will allow you to boost or cut ten separate guitar-specific frequencies from 32Hz up to 16KHz. A separate Level control also gives you an overall output boost or cut.
The classic-sounding Juicer compression pedal (modeled on the Dan Armstrong® Orange Squeezer®) brings down the level of louder tones while increasing the level of softer ones, allowing for greatly increased sustain. Tweak the Sustain to configure this balance, the Release to adjust the speed at which the compression occurs, and the Level control to provide an overall level boost to your signal. An absolute classic, our Distortoise (modeled on the BOSS® DS-1) is a clear, precise, and nuanced distortion pedal perfect for those riffs that demand nothing less than absolute tonal accuracy, even through crushing clipping effects. New challengers may come and go, but remember – the tortoise always wins the race! Elevenizer (modeled on the Ibanez® Tube Screamer®), will simulate the tone of a tube amp pushed hard. It will fit right in before a clean amp for a little grit or crunch, or before an already-high-gain monster to push it past the max. Onboard EQ via the Tone control, fully adjustable Gain, and an output Level control round out this hallmark rock and blues pedal.
If you're looking to recreate those hazy days of 60s and 70s virtuoso rock, The Haze is the pedal for you. Modeled on the legendary Big Muff Pi®, this warm and fuzzy pedal has an inimitable low-end response, making it not only unique in being a bass-oriented gain booster, but also just as irresistable for bass players as guitarists. Think of Mountain Blue (modeled on the BOSS® BD-2) like a perfect peanut butter. It's as creamy as you could possibly want, but crank up the Gain and Tone controls, and you've got something with a wonderful crunchiness right in the same box. Though perfect for emotive blues guitar, this pedal will feel equally at home in classic rock, or even metal setups. Kick it into four-wheel overdrive with our Offroad Overdrive! Modeled on the MXR® Distortion+®, this overdrive is highly versatile and will output something closer to a full-on distortion effect when pushed hard. It carries a clarity that's truly unique, and can create an awesome heavy rock lead tone when paired with some reverb.
Stand well back when opening the Rabid Rodent (modeled on the Pro Co® RAT®) – this snarling beast of a distortion pedal embodies everything filthy about rock and roll. This pedal will push your signal harder than most other distortion pedals, creating a much more biting sound, though the adjustable Gain, Tone, and Level controls will help you tame this monster. Our Acoustic8 pedal (modeled on the BOSS® AC-3) allows your electric guitar to transform into any of several great-sounding acoustic guitars. It offers a huge amount of tonal control over the model, with four in-built preset guitar types to choose from, as well as Body and Top controls to further tweak your own guitar, turning it a perfect acoustic partner for that bridge section! D-Delay (modeled on the BOSS® DD-7) is a fully-featured delay/reverb pedal with a wealth of onboard options for creating echoes or repeats of your playing. Choose from a delay time between 5ms and 3.2 seconds, as well as analog, modulated, and reverse delay settings. You can also tweak the Feedback, as well as the amount of delay in comparison to the original sound.
Echology is an all-natural reverb effect. Modeled on the BOSS® RV-3, reverb will simulate a virtual room or environment for your modeled amplifier. A variety of spaces are available, such as plate reverb, room, hall, and larger spaces alongside Time and Color controls which provide further customization of the simulated environment. Ensembly is a chorus pedal, meaning it simulates an army of backing players mimicking your every move. You play, they play, you get the idea. Modeled on the BOSS® CE-5, Ensembly gives you both high and low EQ adjustment, as well as Speed, Depth, and Effect Level controls to create your perfect chorus sound and decide how to blend it with your own. Draw your weapons and stomp your spurs into the finest flanger in the West. An Agile Partners original pedal design, The Lone Flanger's unique Color control provides in-built equalization control, while the usual suspects of Speed and Depth, must-haves for any flanger, sweep the spectrum from hard to soft, allowing this flexible pedal room to roam.
Octapuss (modeled on the BOSS® OC-2) is an octaver, meaning it's capable of thickening and solidifying your tone by adding duplicates of your playing at one and/or two octaves below their standard pitch. The Dry control allows you to mix the original and modified tones, or you can hear just the sub-octaves for an ultra-bassy effect. A tweakable tone control also allows EQ'ing of the octaves. Our Phase 72 is modeled after the inimitable original 1972 'Script Logo' iteration of the MXR® Phase 90 (M101®). This classic phaser has stood the test of time with its distinctive Speed control, which effortlessly achieves anything from a waterlogged wobble to a a swaying, gentle lilt. Our added Level control even improves upon the original by allowing you to mix the wet and dry signals! The Phunk Phaser (modeled on the infamous Dunlop® Uni-Vibe®) offers a world of phasing options in a pretty pink package. Perfect for almost all styles of music, though particularly suited to anything with a funky feel, the adjustable Speed and Depth controls allow you complete control over the phase filtering effect.
Tremo-LOL is the definitive tremolo stomp box. It offers two distinct modes: one based on the classic American optical tremolo sound, the other based on the traditional British bias trem tone. Switch between these two models with a simple tap, and adjust the effect's level with built-in Speed and Depth controls to tailor your ideal tremolo. The Vibrango (modeled on the BOSS® VB-2) provides automated and adjustable vibrato, which provides smooth variations in the level of your signal, designed to simulate rocking your finger on the string. The effect can be tweaked with both Speed and Depth controls to create your perfect vibrato sound. Wahba Doo is the wah you've been waiting for. Offering a huge wealth of tweaks and modes including auto-wah, a fully-functional envelope filter, and tilt-sensitive manual wah in a single package, the pedal also offers tweakable Speed, Depth, Sensitivity and Release controls, as well as an in-built EQ. This truly is a wonderful wah-wah.

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